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Gardens, weeds and words

Oct 23, 2020

Home. With Jennie Spears of the Lemon Tree Trust
A blend of slow radio, gardening advice and conversation, and readings from the best garden and wildlife writing.
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Garden soundtrack
Why do we build gardens? Looking back to the very first episode of the podcast and Tim Massey's garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the Lemon Tree Trust
Reading  05:21
Extract from How to grow your dinner without leaving the house by Claire Ratinon, published by Laurence King in 2020, read by the author.
A quick catch up with Claire since the release of her book, my review of which you can find here
Interview with Jennie Spears 09:42
09:42 Bristol community gardens
"Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus you get strawberries." Ron Finley
10:24 Sara Venn and Incredible Edible Bristol
11:29 Jennie's background in horticulture
13:09 Childhood plant memories
Border Alpines, her parents' nursery
Black viola, Viola 'Molly Sanderson'
16:13 The work of the Lemon Tree Trust, and how Jennie became involved
19:10 Bringing plants from home to the camps
25:36 How gardening happens in the camps
30:59 What to do with plant surpluses - a working economy?
35:01 Food and gardening
37:13 Plumbing in the camps
38:49 "At some point, people want to LIVE". The joy of plants
40:27 The impact of COVID on the work of the Lemon Tree Trust in Kurdistan
44:08 Upcoming projects and the best way to support the Lemon Tree Trust
46:49 A call from Jennie to get in touch if you know of any UK based refugee or migrant based gardening projects that would benefit from seeds from the Lemon Tree Trust (see below for contact details
Thank you to Jennie for joining me on this episode to talk about the Lemon Tree Trust. You can find the charity's website here with more details of their work, their campaigns and the gardeners in the camps in Iraq.
And on instagram here:
You can find Jennie's work for Bloom PR  here:
Bloom PR website:
Bloom's instagram:
Thanks also to Claire Ratinon for joining me to talk about her book, How to grow your dinner without leaving the house
I’m ever grateful to all my listeners for your continued support and reviews, I really do appreciate them. You can support the podcast by buying its producer a virtual cup of coffee for three quid, at Proceeds will go towards equipment, software and the monthly podcast hosting fees. 
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