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Gardens, weeds and words

Apr 11, 2019

S01 Episode 09: Who is gardening for? With Sara Venn
A blend of slow radio, gardening advice and conversation, and readings from the best garden and wildlife writing.
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Garden soundtrack
April in the garden
Bees on the goat willow.
Micro book review
Letters to a Beekeeper by Alys Fowler and Steve Benbow, published by Unbound 2017
Extract read by Rose White
How accessible is gardening to everyone? Or…Who is gardening for?
Interview with Sara Venn
07:45 Why should people care about gardening?
11:37 Gardening helping people to reclaim agency
16:30 Access to gardening – can the industry and the media get in the way?
20:46 Entry points to gardening – the problem with garden centres...
22:35 The Independent Plant Nursery Guide
The Hardy Plant Society
The Herb Society
The Alpine Garden Society
26:41 How is gardening doing as regards representation?
29:30 How about gardening jargon as a barrier?
34:08 Who is gardening for?
36:50 Three reasons to get involved with gardening
A huge thank you to Sara for joining me on this episode. You can find Sara here:
Thank you to Rose White and Richard Chivers for contributing their warm and wonderful tones to this episodes with the readings. Rose is an intuitive eating coach, and you can find her on instagram at, or on her website at Richard is the man behind the highly acclaimed Grow Your Own blog at, also hanging out in the tiny squares at